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Rehabilitation and high-level obedience training.

Ozzi Dogz offers a wide range of dog training services.

Custom and personalised services are also available in most areas of dog training and related services.

Behaviour Modification

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Changing Problem & Dangerous Behaviours

Behavioural problems are the number one non-medical reason dogs are surrendered and euthanised each year. Our behaviour modification services help keep dogs in their homes. Issues we can help you with include, but are not limited to - Aggression - Reactivity (human and/or dog) - Resource guarding

Obedience Training

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All Levels of Obedience Training

No matter your experience or your dogs age, training is vital! I offer different levels and types of obedience training to suit you and your dog.

Behavioural Evaluations

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Various Behavioural Evaluations Available.

I offer a number of behavioural and temperament assessments, including evolutions for council, adoption, rescues, pounds, puppy selection and more. Please ask.

Puppy Training

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Get Your Dog Off the Best Start Possible

Not all puppy training is created equal! I will help you set your pup up for success and ensure your pup remains your best friend for life!

Private Workshops

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Workshops, Presentation & Demo Days

Providing private events for businesses, shelters, rescues, pounds, councils and the general public. A wide range of topics are available please get in touch to discuss.

Selection, Adoption & Introduction Services

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Helping You Choose the Right Dog!

If you are looking for a new dog, another dog or a puppy, I can help make sure you get the right dog for your lifestyle! From breed and breeder or rescue selection, to introductions and more, let me help you make the right decision right from the start!

Group Classes

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Group Classes & Workshops

New group classes and workshops coming soon.

Looking for Something Else?

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More Services Available

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