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How to Raise a Puppy – Dunbar Academy’s Mega Puppy Course



All the information you need to start your puppy on the right paw! This course is the perfect companion to your Ozzi Dogz training program!!


Why Does Ozzi Dogz Promote Other Training Courses?

Dr Dunbar is the expert in puppy training, after all, he was the one to create puppy schools! Dr Dunbar is by far my biggest role model and is the reason for my puppy training passion! Some people might wonder why I advertise his online courses, well, there are a few reasons I advertise the Dunbar Academy courses:

  • Firstly, I want to make it clear that these courses are completely optional and not something you have to purchase on top of your training program!
  • The private/one-on-one training programs I offer are fully customised for you and your dog’s needs, but for those who like diving deeper into what I am teaching you, these courses will give you correct information and information I know is factual and based on true science!
  • These courses are the perfect companion to the in-person and virtual services that I offer
  • I also know that not everyone is in the position to hire a dog trainer, making this a great option!
  • I am not here to reinvent or break a perfectly good wheel! Dr Dunbar is the most experienced dog trainer in the world, so why wouldn’t I use tried, tested and trusted methods that come from several decades of experience and are backed by real science?!
  • Dr Dunbar has done the hard work, written all the books and resources that any dog trainer or dog owner could need, and is gracious enough to offer it to the world! So, again, I am going to use methods that are proven!

Essential puppy training techniques to complement your Ozzi Dogz training program!

This collection of puppy focused material is packed full of must-have information for all puppy owners and dog trainers! For one small price you get access to all of the following:

Course curriculum

Video Homework Introduction Quick Start Chew Toy Training Crate and Playpen Training Toilet Training House Rules Puppy Biting Handling & Desensitization Zoomies, Jazz & Settle Chase, Fetch & Tug
AFTER You Get Your Puppy eBook Audio Book – Chapter 1: Developmental Deadlines Audio Book – Chapter 2: Household Etiquette 101 Audio Book – Chapter 3: Home Alone Audio Book – Chapter 4.1: Socialization with People Audio Book – Chapter 4.2: Socialization with People Audio Book – Chapter 5: Learning Bite Inhibition Audio Book – Chapter 6: Adolescent Problems Audio Book – Chapter 7: Homework
SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic (Full Video) 01 Introduction 02 Housetraining 03 Play in Training 04 Come & Follow (Social Lure) 05 Come & Sit (Food Lure) 06 Come & Sit Troubleshooting 07 Bite Inhibition Stages 08 Handling Puppies 09 Recall from Play 10 Heeling Off-Leash 11 Heeling + Sitting Off-Leash Aversive Corrections and Teaching Off 12 Teaching Off 13 Strangers Handling Puppies 14 Food Bowl Handling 15 Recalls During Play 16 Dogs Work for Reward Leash Corrections 17 Heeling On Leash 18 Children Training Dogs 19 Jumping up on Strangers 20 Recalls + Stays Off-Leash 21 Recall from Play (Dog Park) 22 SIRIUS Puppy Graduates
VIDEO – SIRIUS Puppy Training Redux
BEFORE You Get Your Puppy eBook BEFORE You Get Your Puppy Audio Book – Title BEFORE You Get Your Puppy Audio Book – Forward BEFORE You Get Your Puppy Audio Book – Synopsis Chapter 1: Developmental Deadlines Chapter 2: Your Doggy Education Chapter 3: Evaluating Puppy’s Progress Chapter 4: Errorless Housetraining Chapter 5: Puppy Priorities
Housetraining Schedule Socialization and Desensitization Log
Puppy Training at Home (While Social Distancing) Creative Puppy Socialization at Home (While Social Distancing)
The Easiest, Quickest, Most Effective & Enjoyable Way to Train Your Puppy
Buying a Puppy Top 10 Tips for Prospective Puppy Owners Top 10 Tips to Select a Stellar Breeding Kennel & A Choose a Socialized and Well-Trained Puppy Adopting a Dog or Puppy Top Ten Tips to Help You Find and Adopt the Perfect Dog for You
Puppy Biting Puppy Biting Behavior Blueprint Learning Bite Inhibition – Excerpt from AFTER You Get Your Puppy Bite Inhibition – Excerpt from How To Teach a New Dog Old Tricks Puppy Biting – Clip from SIRIUS Puppy Training Classic Biting – Clip from Training the Companion Dog 2: Behavior Problems
#1 – Day 1 Video 1: Introduction to Crate and Food Stuffed Chew Toy #2 – Day 1 Video 2: Comforting Your Puppy in Their Crate #3 – Day 1 Video 3: First Trip to Potty on Leash #4 – Day 1 Video 4: Introduction to Tug Toy and Collar #5 – Day 2 Video 1: Teach Come and Introduce Handling #6 – Day 2 Video 2: Teach Hand Targeting and Introduce Leash #7 – Day 3 Video 1: Introducing Outdoor Poty Pen #8 – Day 3 Video 2: Introduction to Cot Bed and Teaching Position Changes #9 – Week 2 Video 1: Teaching Follow and Come Sit Using Kibble and Tug Toy #10 – Week 2 Video 2: Handling on Couch and using new Potty Pen Location #11 – Week 2 Video 3: Training on a Platform and Continuing Position Changes #12 – Week 3 Video 1: Introduction to Long Term Confinement Area #13 – Week 3 Video 2: Increasing the Distraction Level #14 – Week 3 Video 3: Daisy’s Big Day Out #15 – Week 3 Video 4: Training with Distractions #16 – Week 3 Video 5: Puppy Burn Out #17 – Week 3 Video 6: Meeting a New Person #18 – Week 6 Video 1: Basic Obedience Check-In #19 – Week 6 Video 2: Meeting Kelly #20 – Week 6 Video 3: Meeting Other Puppies #21 – Week 6 Video 4: Teaching “Thank You” with Valued Objects #22 – Week 6 Video 5: Training Outside in the Yard #23 – Week 6 Video 6: Desensitization to Scary Objects #24 – Week 9 Video 1: Upping the Ante by Training in the Driveway FINALE

Ready to start your puppy on the most important journey of their life? Get one-on-one support and a custom program from a certified, professional and caring trainer – book your free session with Michelle now!

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Important note: this is an affiliate product, meaning I receive a commission from any sale made through my link. Purchases are made on an external website and prices are in USD. AfterPay is not available on affiliate products.

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This is an affiliate product, meaning I receive a commission from any sale made through my link. Purchases are made on an external website and prices are in USD. AfterPay is not available on affiliate products.

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