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The truth about banning dog training tools and why you as a dog owner should be concerned!

Link to the original PDTA Facebook post below.

The PDTA strongly OPPOSE the proposed ban on Prong Collars in Queensland.
“Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the announcement in a Facebook post on Sunday, saying the animal welfare laws would be debated in parliament this week.
“We’re passing legislation to crack down on the inhumane treatment of animals in Queensland,” the premier said in her post.”
Cracking down on animal cruelty is a way to emotionally contract people onto your side, but what about facts?
Surely, a collar as cruel as the prong collar would have hundreds if not thousands of cases in which people have been charged with cruelty?


The current welfare laws give power to prosecute anyone treating animals in a cruel manner, with ANY collar.
How many people have been charged? Our estimation is ZERO.


The prong collar can be a breakthrough training tool for those who are working with difficult, aggressive, and overstimulated dogs to get some progress in behaviour modification where other methods have failed.
Without this training tool, many dogs will be banished to their back yard for ever, unable to be walked or remain under their owner’s control.
Many more will be surrendered, put to death simply as other training systems failed them.


What is the hype?
Yes, the prong collars look does not scream pleasant, but what FAKE NEWS are people saying?


FAKE: The prongs are sharp and dog into dogs necks
FACT: The tips of the collars, contrary to popular belief, do not stick into the dogs neck, but rather run along side.
The tips are rounded off, not sharp like those trying to trigger your emotions suggest.


FAKE: The pull into the dog’s throat causing pain
FACT: They REDUCE pressure on dogs necks by applying the pressure from the leash evenly around the neck, unlike other collars.


FAKE: The prong collar can cause injury easy
FACT: We have never seen more than skin irritation from the metal in the collar, which occurs with any collar


From Anastasia’s press release
“RSPCA Australia is opposed to the use of dog pronged collars due to the potential risk of injury, pain and suffering they cause and because other more humane training methods are available,” the organisation said on its website.


They prefer more humane training methods, having that said, from this document (…/RSPCA%20Report%20on%20animal…)
You will see this written when the RSPCA are explaining why they put nearly 6000 dogs to death in one year and almost 70% of those dogs were for behavioural reasons.
From the document, the RSPCA state “Of dogs euthanased, the majority of cases are because of severe behavioural issues (68.78%). This includes aggression and severe anxiety that the RSPCA is not able to or has not been able to treat through behavioural modification programs”

I wonder how many could be saved if they stopped limiting themselves to the seemingly more humane methods?
And now they want to limit everybody…


How humane actually is it to kill a dog when it could be saved?
We do not refer to this as Euthanasia because that would ending the animals suffering. Most dogs that are displaying behaviour problems are not suffering, in fact the behaviour problem is often the coping mechanism.


Please do not fall for the attempts to emotionally trigger you to help ban important training aids that helps experienced and specialist dog trainers and behaviourists help dogs and their owners.